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Are you and your family around for the whole summer?


Are you interested in learning about rabbits and their care?

Animal care helps to teach children compassion and responsibility. If your family doesn't plan to leave home this summer for more than a day at a time, consider fostering a rabbit for Archie's Angels Rabbit Rescue for July and August! Rabbits are less maintenance than a dog, but a little more maintenance than a cat. They require fresh hay, morning and night, as well as a measured amount of food pellets once a day. Rabbits are litter-trained, so their litter box will need to be changed once a week or so. We provide all the supplies! Rabbits require daily socializing and roaming exercise, as well. Our rabbits are indoors only; however, closely supervised outdoor pen time is permitted.


The summer foster program is a great way to: keep older children and teens busy learning about rabbit care for the summer, establish patterns of responsibility, and help your local rescue! If you are interested in applying, please use our foster application at the link below, specifying the summer foster program in the "reason you'd like to foster" section.

Bunnies to Foster

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