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"Hunger Hankerings offers curated snack boxes that aim to make snacking moments meaningful, fueling both the mind and body.  From guilt free, gluten free, vegan, sweet tooth, salty, nutty, and more, you can select from our professionally curated box themes or curate your very own box by selecting the snacks.  Each box is filled with an array of  high quality assortment of snack products, aimed to calm your hunger and keep you focused.

What type of snacker are you? The Mindless Muncher? The On-the-Go Grazer? The Health Nut? The Late Night Looter? Whichever one you are, we've got you covered!
We have a wide range of themed snack boxes that are sure to satisfy!"(Hunger Hankerings website)

September 25 - October 20

We have teamed up with HUNGER HANKERINGS to fundraise for our rescues!

Let AARR help you discover an exciting and surprising assortment of snack products that will satisfy everyone’s dietary preferences. For this fundraiser, AARR has three Mini-Boxes to choose from, AND you can customize your box if you want. Make it Vegan, Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, or Kosher.

Hunger Hankerings is a Canadian based company that caters to you so that you are ready for snack attacks


Someone on our board is planning on ordering 10 Mini-Boxes as Christmas Gifts! What a fun idea! I'm sure these snack boxes would make great gifts for birthdays, parties, just to give to a loved one, a movie night, a special friend, or to hoard for yourself.

Because the fundraiser is going on for 4 weeks, and should you want to order several boxes but can't do it all at once, you can place orders throughout the time frame above. Once the Fundraiser is over, Hunger Hankerings will deliver all of your Mini-Boxes to us and we will notify you as to where you can pick them up from.

Check out our 3 Mini-Box choices at the link below!


This rescue is based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
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