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Archie is the

is the bunny that would lead to an
undying love for

It all started with a little man with tall ears, a twitchy nose, and a fluffy tail...

                                                In 2017, the founder of Archie’s Angels Rabbit Rescue, Alyssa (Bella) Wanted to do what most                                                                  parents do, teach her children about compassion and responsibility. Studies have shown that                                                                owning a pet is a great way to make children, all in all, more responsible, but also empathetic                                                                to the needs of others. Children who grow up with a pet learn to manage having not only to                                                                take care of themselves, but their animal companions as well. This can have an immense effect                                                           on their personality, making for more compassionate adults and also giving them better self-                                                             esteem, self-worth, immunity, and respect for fellow living beings.

                                                When looking to get her rabbit a companion, Alyssa didn’t simply take a stroll through a pet store.                                              She did the most important thing you can do… Research! What seems like the most crucial step when inviting a new pet into your home, is often skipped. What most pet stores market for rabbit care is usually amiss, you can easily get confused on what is right and what is wrong for your little companion. These small frequent decisions can have a colossal difference on your rabbit's health. Armed with her research, and knowing that it was better to keep bunnies in pairs, Alyssa and her husband adopted a rabbit named Lilly. Lilly was a terrified rabbit who was not sure how to trust humans but with time and work, Alyssa earned one of the hardest things to achieve, a rabbits love.


Of course, as any rabbit owner knows, this enters you into a rabbit hole (wink, wink) of wanting to care for more bunnies. After Archie and Lilly (who has since passed), they soon opened up their home to Lola, Ferdy, Hera, April, Lennon, Ciri, Duchess (their hamster), a grand-bun named Juggie, and their newest arrival who does not yet have a name, it seems like a full house!

Fast forward to 2019, with the help of Caroline, people started to get to know Alyssa as the "bunny lady." By this time, she had taken in her first rescue, Lucky, who had a very bad eye injury and was abandoned outside. With the help of Linda from Purrfect Endings Rescue, they got Lucky the medical attention he needed. With the notoriety of being the bunny lady, she was contacted about her second official rescue, Thor, who was running about in an alley in Lethbridge. This one was a hard catch, but he was caught, none the less. After this, Alyssa had the overwhelming need to help all of these little, innocent animals. A discussion with with her family led to the creation of Archie’s Angels Rabbit Rescue.

As you can imagine, caring for all these resilient little creatures has been no small feat. We often forget that behind the rescue are real people with real families. Running a rescue on top of all the mumbo jumbo life throws at you already can be daunting. The time and energy it takes to run a rescue is tremendous and a lot of times very overwhelming. after all, AARR is caring for sick, injured, neglected and abandoned rabbits. and they have been vigorous with the dedication it takes to saving, rehabilitating and helping rabbits find safe, suitable, forever homes. Luckily for our founder, she has a very supportive, husband and family to get her through tough times. She also has her co-founder, Chantelle always cheering her on and helping to lighten her load.


Today, we look back at all the work AARR has done. They have become a registered non-profit and both Alyssa and Chantelle are House Rabbit Society Educators. Over 400 bunnies, 2 guinea pigs, 2 chinchillas, a hamster, and a rooster have found their forever homes, thanks to them! Alyssa has since built a board of dedicated women to lead the charge of the rabbit world.

AARR can’t do it alone!
If you’re interested in helping Archie’s Angels Rabbit Rescue, you can do the following:


AARR is always looking for new families to take on the exciting life of being a bunny owner. With so many bunnies waiting for their forever home, you’re bound to find a rabbit that fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

Don’t know much about caring for a rabbit? want to learn more? fostering is perfect for you. You get to learn about what it takes to become a rabbit owner from the knowledgeable staff at AARR. They can walk you through the proper steps on how to house, feed and care for your rabbit.

Can’t foster or adopt? that’s okay! AARR is always coming up with new ideas for community fundraisers and raffle baskets. If you would like more information on fundraisers, please follow AARR’s Facebook Page/Group.  For more info on donating, go here:

You will be able to sponsor one bunny for the month. This sponsorship will help with the cost of necessities and any needed vet care for the rabbit you sponsor.

Can’t adopt, foster, donate, or sponsor? That’s okay!
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