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Amy, Blizzard & Chungus

All Females

*Seeking Permanent Foster



Archie's Angels is looking for a permanent foster for this sweet trio of females! This means that AARR will supply their food indefinitely and take care of their vet bills. All three ladies have a condition known as EC (E. cuniculi), which has resulted in Blizzard's head tilt and the deposits in Amy's eyes (likely affects her vision). Chungus is a carrier only (no symptoms). They are not on regular medication, but it may be necessary to administer oral meds should acute symptoms arise. This condition is contagious to other rabbits, so it is best if you do not have other rabbits in the home. It is preferable to have some rabbit experience, though.

Chungus is the boss of this crew, but all three gals are sweet as pie and so lazy that you could leave their pen open and none of them would emerge! They are super easygoing and Amy and Chungus LOVE attention (Blizzard is a little standoffish). Amy will even give you kisses! They love to perch on their cardboard toys.

If you are interested in taking these sweet gals in, please fill out a foster application!

Breed Influences

English Spot, Lionhead

Birthdate (usually estimated)

All 4 years old


AARR Coaldale

Interested in fostering or adopting?
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