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Bubbles & Chewy






Our names are Bubbles (lighter-colored female) and Chewy (slightly darker-colored male)! Bubbles has been at Archie's Angels since 2019. Our love for food brought us together! While we have been around children, we do like to keep to ourselves. That doesn't mean we're not social with humans, though! Bubbles loves attention and being petted, while Chewy just prefers to follow closely behind. Introduction to cats needs to be slow, as Chewy is scared of them. Bubbles is curious of cats but also protective of Chewy. We are a bonded pair and can never be separated!

Breed Influences

Havana (Bubbles) & Unknown (Chewy)

Birthdate (usually estimated)

Jan 2018 (Bubbles); Jan 2019 (Chewy)


AARR Taber

Interested in fostering or adopting?
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