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I am cute as a button! I am just a few pounds and can be held in the palm of adult's hand! I love to zip around after being in my enclosure overnight. My favorite food is fresh carrot tops, and my favorite treat is blueberries! If you give me some small sticks in my enclosure, I have to rearrange thing juuuust the way I like before I settle in. you can tell I'm relaxed when I stretch out on my belly with my legs sticking out—there's some white fur on my wee paws! I am great with kids and have been homed with a cat. I was originally found as a baby with my two sisters in the coulees. I am looking for my forever home!

Breed Influences

Dwarf Cross

Birthdate (usually estimated)

Nov 2021


Foster Home

Interested in fostering or adopting?
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