I was just a baby when I had made a home beneath someone's shed (where Archie's Angels rescued me). I am a very floofy Lionhead breed, so I need almost daily grooming or I will get mats in my fur. My eyes are almost completely covered when my hair is all grown in (like an English sheep dog!), so you may wish to trim around my face a few times a year. I am a very sweet, timid bunny but am more comfortable around people than I used to be. I may run from you, but I don't fight being picked up and am okay with being held (properly). My little grey nose is so entertaining to watch! I'm not much of a chewer or digger, which is great! Hay does constantly get stuck in my fur, so my living space gets a bit messy. I need someone with time and love to dedicate to me—are you that forever home?

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Apr 28, 2022


AARR Lethbridge

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