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Sebastian & Lacey





Sebastian is a white Lionhead cross male and needs regular brushing. He is more reserved and it will take him longer to get used to you. He will even try to hide behind Lacey (even though she is smaller than him)! He is very food motivated and will often steal Lacey's treats. Lacey is the little black female. She is a curious and adventuresome bunny that loves to investigate new or moved items. Once she gets used to you, she will come up to you to be petted. These two are enjoyable to watch. They do nearly everything together: eat, groom themselves and each other, play (and sometimes chase) each other, cuddle together, or do flops, periscopes, zoomies and binkies.

Breed Influences

Lionhead (S)/Unknown (L)

Birthdate (usually estimated)

May 2021/Nov 2021


AARR Lethbridge

Interested in fostering or adopting?
This rescue is based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
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