Rabbit Bonding

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Rabbits are social creatures, and it is recommended for them to have the company of another rabbit. Whether you are looking for a companion for your existing rabbit or looking for assistance bonding two (or more) rabbits currently in your care, Archie's Angels Rabbit Rescue can help!

Bonded rabbits take the same amount of care as a solo rabbit—just a bit more in supplies. They share the same pen space, litter box, food dish, water dish, and toys. Once rabbits are bonded, they must never be separated. The reason for this is depression—rabbits become stressed and may stop eating. In the case of a bonded rabbit whose companion passes away, we recommend re-bonding as soon as possible.

Note: There is a difference between baby bunnies and adult rabbits. Baby buns bond easily with each other! That is, until their hormones come in around 2-3 months of age. Then there are frequently such behaviors as aggression and humping. We highly recommend separating baby rabbits between 2-3 months of age for a few reasons:

  1. They can hurt each other.

  2. They can impregnate each other. It is difficult to tell the sex of baby rabbits and there is the potential that what you thought was 2 girl bunnies is actually a girl and a boy (or even 2 boys). Biological relationship doesn't matter to rabbits: brothers will impregnate sisters and sons will impregnate mothers. If you purchased your bunnies from a breeder or a pet store, we highly recommend having the sex double-checked by an exotic vet or a rescue (we are happy to do so!).


*Babies should not be separated from their mother until 8-10 weeks of age. Baby gender should be checked FREQUENTLY starting 8 weeks of age.


Once your rabbits have healed from being spayed or neutered, they can be re-bonded to each other.


**Our bonding services are only provided for neutered males and females!**

The Bonding Process

Rabbits are not the same as cats and dogs, who are usually willing to cohabit while getting used to each other—rabbits are territorial and often fight to the death! Bonding takes a minimum of 8-14 days. The first 3 days require nearly 24/7 supervision in a neutral arena (where there are no potential territory triggers). Bonding behaviors that are watched for are: chasing, biting, lunging, guarding, and humping. (Humping is a completely normal way for rabbits to establish hierarchy.) Soon enough, however, the only behaviors you'll be seeing will be mutual grooming and snuggling!

Whether you book our bonding services or plan to bond yourself, there are several important steps that must be taken in your home setting. Be prepared for homework!

Speed Dating

If you have an existing solo rabbit that you are interested in finding a friend for, we highly recommend speed dating! You will be asked to bring your rabbit to one of our intake houses, and we will "test" your bunny with several potential partners (we can start with your favorites from the Adoptees page). Bonding is usually done with the opposite sex, but rabbits are not limited to this. We have experience with opposite-sex, same-sex, trio, and fluffle bonding. Similar age is also a consideration.


We prefer to do speed dating in conjunction with your bonding booking, if applicable, so the bonding process starts with that first positive interaction.

NOTE:  Rabbits come in all shapes and sizes, as well as personality characteristics! Do not assume that your rabbit will "choose" a companion that is the same as what you are used to. Some rabbits are snuggly, some rabbits are not. Some rabbits are tidy, some rabbits are not. Some rabbits are relaxed, some are high energy. Some rabbits are sociable, some are timid. If this is a concern for you, please consult Archie's Angels prior to speed dating. Bonded pairs can never be separated; therefore, you must be 100% ready to accept your new bun along with your current bun.

Bonding Options and Pricing

Archie's Angels Rabbit Rescue offers two bonding options:

  • Option A: Bring your rabbit(s), and we'll do the rest! We provide everything for the bonding process, including their food. There may be a waiting list for this service.

  • Option B: We coach you through the bonding process yourself. This does take some dedicated time and nerves of steel, but we can offer training and advice as you go.

*If selecting Option B, please fill out an adoption application instead of a bonding application. We allow for a "foster-to-adopt" period to be sure your new rabbit works out with your existing rabbit!

If either of your rabbits are from our rescue, bonding services are provided for free, though donations are always welcome. There will still be fees associated with adoption (solo rabbit with no additional supplies = $75).

If your rabbits are from outside our rescue, pricing is as follows:

  • Option A:  $20/day with an estimate of 8-14 days in care—we provide everything!

  • Option B:  This service is free, though donations are always welcome!


Liability Disclaimer

Due to the nature of animals and bonding, there is always the possibility of pet injury. While any minor injuries will be treated by our experienced rabbit custodians, medical emergencies will be treated by a veterinarian at the expense of the rabbit owner. Your application releases us from all liability.

Rabbit Bonding

This application is for bonding through Archie's Angels Rabbit Rescue.


If you are wanting to do rabbit bonding yourself, please fill out an Adoption Application. You will have the option to "foster-to-adopt," which means that you can take time to make sure the adoptee is a good fit for your home and existing rabbit.

If you are applying for more than one rabbit in your care, ie. bonding of 2 existing pets, please fill out this application for each rabbit.

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