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Playing With Your Bunny & Bunny Playing On It's Own

Mornings and evenings are the best times as this is when rabbits are most active because they are crepuscular.

We encourage you to spend time with your bunny because this is how you know him better. For instance, what is your bun’s favorite activity: chewing or digging? Some bunnies are more into chewing while others are more into digging. Buy or craft toys that match your rabbit’s inclinations. If he is more into chewing – don’t use that much cardboard, use more chewable wood for your DIY toys.

Why should you care about playing and exercising with your bunny?

Before knowing how to play with your bunny, you need to understand why this is essential to your pet. Like humans or their wild relatives, pet rabbits do also need to exercise and play. In the wild, rabbits run around 3 miles each day!

Your Rabbit needs some action. This is how you avoid aggressive behavior, like destroying the cage or their own fur. To bypass stress and apathy they must play. Without exercise and a good diet, you guessed it, your rabbit will gain weight. In time, this will put pressure on other parts of his body (cardiovascular system, & the pads of its feet).

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Happy Bunny.jpg

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Creating a Space For Fun

Rabbits need to run and creating a space for them to have fun and explore is great! Roaming time around the house or in the yard is a great way for them to get their energy out. When outside we need to make sure that we keep an eye on our furry friends. Watch out for predators or poisonous plants. To make sure that your bun is safe and gets some outside time, you can create structures that are safe for your bun, screened outside porches are a great option. 

Activities & Toys

We all love our rabbits, but they can be mischievous sometimes. They like to knock things over and throw stuff around for fun. 


Bunny Bowling

To play to their mischievous side you can put up toy bowling pins and watch your rabbit run for them and knock them down. 

Pick UP & Toss

Wooden spoons are great fun for your Rabbit. They love to pick them up and toss them. The same goes for the lids on food jars, like jam, pickles, etc. The rim allows your bunny to pick them up and toss them.


Treat Tease

This is the most common bunny game, and certainly the most enjoyable. Hold a treat such as a papaya table or food pellet in a loosely closed fist. Close both fists and hold them both out. Let your pet smell out which fist has the treat. Always give your pet the treat once it correctly figures out the right fist. You can also hold the treat high enough above the bunny that it has to stretch to get it. It is best to play where it does not have the support to brace itself while stretching. The game helps your rabbit exercise its balancing ability. Additionally, you can place your pet on a table or box then place the treat at the edge of the box. Ensure it has to stretch its neck to reach it. The table should be covered to ensure it is not slippery. You don’t want your pet slipping and hurting itself.



Yes, this is a fun game for bunnies. Throw a towel or anything that covers the bunny. Watch as she struggles to get loose. Find creative ways of playing this game and figure out which ones your pet enjoys most. Avoid suffocating materials such as polyethylene.

Logic games

Rabbits are naturally intelligent and most curious. They enjoy logical challenges such as pulling levers and opening boxes. There are numerous logic toys at pet stores, to begin with.

Treat Balls

Treats like a few of their food pellets, can be added into cat treat balls so that they run around and throw the ball around to get the treats out. This helps get the bun get active.

To spark your rabbit’s interest, trying different toys can help you figure out what your rabbit likes. Have a bin/basket to keep a variety of toys to change out now and then so your bunny does not get bored with the same toys all the time.

Kids Bowling Game.jpg
Wooden Utensils.webp
Jar lids.jpg
Bunny Mind Exercise.png
3 Cup Game.jpg
Bunny Treat Ball.jpg

Substitute ball with a treat

DIY Toys & Games


These are just a handful of ideas for DIY toys and activities.

Toilet & Paper Towel Rolls


Rolls & Sticks - Jumping Course


Cardboard Box Cut Up - Scratching & Chewing Board


Hidey House or Castle

Stick Tree.jpg

Toy Hanger or Treat Tree


Bunny Ball Pit


Providing your rabbit with exercise will assure overall health, muscle development and it will prevent obesity. Plus, exercising is a good way for you to bond with your furry friend.

If you don’t have an energetic rabbit make sure you give him the time and space to run around and explore, to stay active and healthy. But if you do, how to play with your bunny is an easy task. An active rabbit is a happy rabbit.

This rescue is based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
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