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Donation Info

How  donations work...
Donating Helps AARR
 purchase supplies for bunnies in our care
 provide essential medical care for rabbits in our care
 work towards our goal of a centralized facility
AARR Provides
  Extensive rabbit and rabbit care education
Forever homes for rescued rabbits
Support and advice
Donating Helps

get medical attention
get spayed or neutered
find suitable forever homes
get the proper care they need
Donations Can Take Form in
Donations for our 2 annual online auctions
 Throwing fundraisers

 Fundraiser purchases
• Sponsor-a-Bunny (see webpage under How to Help)

 Corporate Sponsorship
Buying hay through us (see webpage
under Our Services)
Donation of items, such as blankets, sheets, towels, x-pens, and other bunny supplies (see our
Supply Wish List under How to Help)
One-Time or Monthly Donations:
You can send a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation through our partner by clicking the button below.
Sponsor a rabbit:
Sponsoring a rabbit helps with any necessities and vet care.
Contact us for more info.
Keep up with current and upcoming fundraisers under Events & Fundraisers or watch the AARR Facebook page.
Looking to Make a Donation?
This rescue is based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
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