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Other Exotic Adoptees

Other exotic adoptees include guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and reptiles. Exotic care will be reviewed with all potential adoptees.

Please note that we do not take in Boa Constrictors due to space/size constraints. You can reach out to zoos instead.

A status of Pending means that the adoptee is potentially being adopted.

Coming Soon!



Ball Python


Price TBD

Pebbles is a 3 year old Eastern Box turtle that I have raised since he weighed 17grams. I am unfortunately moving to a different country and I am not able to take him with me. He is in wonderful health and has a funny little personality. He comes with all of his equipment. He has a large Exo-Terra front opening terrarium, 2 reptile hanging lights and attachments with 2 heat bulbs, Zoo-Med Reptisum light and new bulb, Inkbird humidity and temperature controls, and a new reptile humidifier. Bottles of meal worms and packages of frozen fruits and veggies also included. I am looking for a good home for Pebbles. He is a long term commitment and I am only interested in someone that know how to care for a turtle. He eats every other day and needs a variety of fresh fruit, veggies, and meat.



Eastern Box Turtle



This rescue is based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
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