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Other Exotic Adoptees

Other exotic adoptees include guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and reptiles. Exotic care will be reviewed with all potential adoptees.

A status of Pending means that the adoptee is potentially being adopted.

*Ball pythons only eat what they have been trained to think of as food. Sasha's diet consists of only frozen mice, which can be purchased from certain pet stores.

Sasha was named after a character from an anime show (Japanese animation). She is very friendly and loves to hang over your shoulders! She comes with a 90-gallon locking terrarium with bioactive substrate (ask us what this means!), heat lamps, and other accessories.



Ball Python (Black Head Spider Morph)



Pebbles is a 3 year old Eastern Box turtle that I have raised since he weighed 17grams. I am unfortunately moving to a different country and I am not able to take him with me. He is in wonderful health and has a funny little personality. He comes with all of his equipment. He has a large Exo-Terra front opening terrarium, 2 reptile hanging lights and attachments with 2 heat bulbs, Zoo-Med Reptisum light and new bulb, Inkbird humidity and temperature controls, and a new reptile humidifier. Bottles of meal worms and packages of frozen fruits and veggies also included. I am looking for a good home for Pebbles. He is a long term commitment and I am only interested in someone that know how to care for a turtle. He eats every other day and needs a variety of fresh fruit, veggies, and meat.



Eastern Box Turtle



Sonic is a roughly 2- to 3-year-old Somali Hedgehog. He is super friendly! He has been around children, cats, and dogs and has never bitten anyone. He loves his bugs but has eaten high-end cat food in the past (he no longer seems to eat it). He comes with some bedding/beds, bowls, wheel, soap, and some personal items but not an enclosure. Hedgehogs aren't a ton of work as they are nocturnal; however, little Sonic does love to be woken up now and then for the chance to get snuggles and explore.
Potential adoptees will need to show that they have a proper housing arrangement for him.






This rescue is based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
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