Our Easter Purdys Chocolate fundraiser is now CLOSED.

Watch for future opportunities!



Ordering Open: NOW till March 6th

Expected Arrival: We receive the group order around March 21st (all orders ship to us as a group.)

Shipping: If you don’t live close-by and would like yours shipped, we can do that (shipping cost is up to you). 



1. Click on the link below and it will take to you a page asking for your email address.

2. Put your email address in (or sign in) and it will take you to our group fundraiser page.

3. Click on the right hand top corner (it’s a drop down option), and click on the shop online option.

4. After selecting the shop online button, choose View Marketplace to be able to view the picture catalogue.

5. Select what you would like to add to your cart/bag.

6. Select View Bag and pay online for your order by credit card or debit visa. 

7. Now your order is submitted! Sit back and wait for the fundraiser order to arrive!