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Sponsorship Sunday

As of October 2022, every Sunday we will be posting a different bunny to sponsor for a month. This will help us with the cost of caring for the rabbits we have rescued.


Each sponsorship may differ, depending on the needs of the featured bunny. Most sponsorships will just be for food ($15), hay ($10), and litter ($7), for a total of $32, while others may include medication and vet costs (see medical cases below). All details will be included in our sponsorship posts on our Facebook page.


You do not have to sponsor every month or sponsor the same bunny every month. You are free to sponsor when you want to. You can even donate an annual or bi-annual sponsorship amount. Funds can be eTransferred to Please put the name of the bunny in the eTransfer message/note.


Current Medical Cases

needing regular sponsorship
Before: When younger
(you can just barely see the beginnings of her mane coming in)



This adorable lionhead lop has a whole lotta love and was dubbed the "sweetest bunny of the century" by a non-bunny lover! Her tireless good nature is despite the medical conditions she has faced and continues to work through:

  • She had superficial cysts that were removed from her abdomen that were benign for cancer

  • She has chronic arthritis in her right ankle. This is treated by daily anti-inflammatory pain medication and joint supplements.

  • She had glaucoma in her right eye (fluid build-up causing pressure, pain, and permanent blindness)  that stopped responding to pressure-relieving medication, so it was decided to remove the eye. Her other eye is under continued monitoring. Trixie is recovering like a champ after her surgery!

With medical bills and medications, her monthly sponsorship total is $130 which also includes her hay, food pellets and litter pellets.


If you are able to donate any amount towards Trixie's eye surgery cost of $370, please send an e-transfer to We are so profoundly grateful to all our supporters: past, present, and future!

After Her Surgery

Chungus, Blizzard & Amy

Three Sweet Girls!

These three ladies have a condition known as EC (E. cuniculi), which has resulted in Blizzard's head tilt and the deposits in Amy's eyes (likely affects her vision). Chungus is a carrier only (no symptoms). They are not on regular medication, but it may be necessary to administer oral meds should acute symptoms arise. This condition is contagious to other rabbits, so it is best if you do not have other rabbits in the home. For this reason, AARR is seeking a permenent Foster Home for these three sweethearts. It is preferable to have some rabbit experience, though.

Chungus is the boss of this crew, but all three gals are sweet as pie and so lazy that you could leave their pen open and none of them would emerge! They are super easygoing and Amy and Chungus LOVE attention (Blizzard is a little standoffish). Amy will even give you kisses! 


Currently their monthly sponsorship total is $31 which includes hay, food, pellets and litter. Should any of these three end up requiring medication, the sponsorship total will change to $ .

If you are interested in taking these sweet gals in as permenant fosters, please fill out a foster application!

All three are estimated to be 4 years old.

Finn & Pearl

Little Love Birds

Finn (the bitty, otter-colored dwarf) has a respiratory illness called Pasteurella. This means that he will need antibiotics administered (by mouth) when he has a flare-up, which tends to occur during transition. He is an absolute trooper when taking his meds. Pearl (the slightly larger, albino dwarf) is considered a carrier. Since Pasteurella is highly contagious to other rabbits, it is recommended that you do not have other rabbits in the home.

Finn and Pearl are totally in love—you will hardly ever see them on separate sides of their pen! Finn is shy but terrific about being picked up (one-handed, even!), while Pearl is more outgoing and adventurous. She has a bit of sass if her stuff is being touched and definitely wants you to take care where Finn is involved.


The monthly sponsorship total is $31 which includes hay, food, pellets and litter. Should any of these three end up requiring medication, the sponsorship total will change to $  .

If you are interested in being a permanent foster for Finn and Pearl, please fill out a foster application.

This rescue is based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
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