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Volunteer Opportunities

Archie's Angels Rabbit Rescue is always looking to expand their volunteer base! Volunteering is a great way to learn more about rabbit care, to donate your time to a noble and necessary cause, and to gain a reference for impressing potential employers! AARR is looking for team players! People who can assess situations and come up with appropriate solutions

If you are interested in joining our team of fantastic volunteers, please fill out the online application form by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.


*Volunteers must me at least 16 years of age unless accompanied by a parent while volunteering.

For more information on any of these areas, please message us on Facebook or email us at

Rabbit Care Support


Our un-fostered rabbits are currently housed in two main locations: West Lethbridge, Coaldale and Tabor. We only require one volunteer per week for each location on Saturday, for 1-2 hours during the day.

Duties include: Changing/cleaning litter boxes, cleaning kennels, refreshing water bowls, sweeping floors, re-stocking hay, assisting with grooming, making boredom-buster toys, and socializing with rabbits (this attention helps social bunnies feel happy and encourages shy bunnies to be more social and trusting of humans).

Note: Due to limited space and the number of people who volunteer for this category, we cannot accommodate all requests.

Hay/Supply Delivery


AARR offers local delivery in Lethbridge of large, compostable bags of hay on Saturdays. This task requires pick-up of hay bags in Coaldale and contactless delivery to multiple locations within Lethbridge. Help bagging the hay is also appreciated! A delivery fee of $5 is charged per delivery in order to assist volunteers with gas.

We also deliver hay and additional supplies of food pellets and litter pellets to bunny fosters throughout Lethbridge on Saturdays. These additional supplies can be picked up at the same Coaldale location as hay pick-up or at our West Lethbridge location. These deliveries have no associated delivery fee.

Volunteering every other Saturday is welcome. Volunteers will be given a delivery list on Friday evening, so they can plan their route. The number of deliveries always varies, especially between fundraiser hay deliveries and foster supply deliveries; therefore, no guarantee of income can be made.

Due to the size of these supplies, volunteers need to have a reliable, mid- to large-sized vehicle with insurance.

Due to the heavy nature of bulk pellets (up to 40 lbs per bag), volunteers need to be able-bodied. 

Duties include: Plan pick-up/delivery route Friday evening; bag/pick-up hay bags (and, occasionally, pellets) from Coaldale (or West) location; delivery on Saturday.

Bottle Drive/Donation Pick-ups


AARR has (almost) monthly bottle drives and other fundraisers and donations that require pick-up from donors all over Lethbridge. 

Volunteers need to have reliable, insured transportation.

Bunny Rescue/Trap Checker


We often have to wrangle a loose or dumped rabbit. We do this with humane traps that are checked every half-hour to two-hour period, depending on weather conditions and the urgency of the situation. We need volunteers that we can depend on to check traps regularly.

Must have a reliable vehicle and cell phone.

Fundraiser Assistance


If you are interested in throwing a fundraiser or assisting us with fundraiser and/or event ideas, then please contact us at It is not necessary to fill out the volunteer form.

Promotional Social Media


If you are interested in creating rabbit videos, photographing rabbits, or designing other educational and promotional elements for social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.), then please contact us at It is not necessary to fill out the volunteer form. 😊

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Apply to become a volunteer by clicking here:
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