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AARR Board


Alyssa Koenig

Founder; President

Lyssa, or "Bella" as she has been called, started it all! Archie's Angels was born when she recognized the need for rabbit education and rescuing/re-homing in Lethbridge. Lyssa has a variety of artistic education under her belt, is qualifying as a House Rabbit Educator, and takes Vet Technician courses online. Lyssa loves animals of all varieties and works as an educator of exotics, including reptiles and kangaroos!

Dana Nicol


Dana was introduced to Archie's Angels through the fostering program: Her daughter wanted a pet and fostering a rabbit was a great way to determine suitability. She helps with operational and administrative management, transportation, events, the website, and rabbit care.
Dana is a healthcare data analyst by day and has 3 teenagers.

Natasha Spate

Board Member

Natasha has been married for about 10 years and runs a fully licensed, vegan hair salon out of her home. Natasha was first introduced to rabbits when a dumped domestic showed up in her backyard just a few months before the rescue was founded. She was immediately drawn to Archie's Angels because she recognized how desperately it was needed. Natasha is an expert bonder and helps with social media communications. She adores all animals and has a senior daschund, 2 cats, and 3 bunnies. Find @Bagelthegiant on Instagram!

Chantelle Dafoe

Co-Founder; Vice-President

Chantelle helped Lyssa set-up and expand Archie's Angels. She oversees the many fundraising efforts on behalf of AARR and runs the rabbit bonding services with board member, Natasha. Chantelle also covers financial management, hay sourcing and distribution, events, rabbit care and grooming. She is qualifying to become a House Rabbit Educator. Chantelle has 3 children and maintains a long-time position with Tupperware, also working an evening job!

Sabrina Radeck

Board Member; Fundraising Coordinator; Website

Sabrina is Archie's Angels fundraising coordinator, which is a huge job! She also co-manages the AARR website and assists with graphic design, educational materials, merchandise sourcing, and social media. She is the mother of 5 children and grandmother of 8, plus 2 bun-babies! Sabrina has an educational background in graphic design.

Mia Keller

Board Member; Social Media

Mia is a student at the University of Lethbridge. She studies languages and business with a hope of working internationally one day. Mia is originally from the east coast of Canada and speaks 3 languages: English, French, and Spanish. She loves exotic plants, skiing, art, travelling, baking, and animals, and is very excited to be part of Archie's Angels Rabbit Rescue!

Kaylee Marance


Kaylee was first introduced to rabbits three years ago after rescuing and adopting a domestic rabbit that had been abandoned in her neighborhood. Since then, she has become passionate about helping rabbits just like hers. She now lives in Edmonton and studies Dentistry at the University of Alberta, but frequently travels to her hometown of Lethbridge. When she's not studying, she's either camping with her family in BC, snuggling her bunny, or making toys to fundraise money for the rescue.

Cara Hofer

Board Member

From Cara:
Hello👋🏼 I’m Cara & I feel so lucky to be part of this community of animal loving people!
I am a mom to 5 kiddos, only 2 left at home WHEW…dogs, cats, birbs & a beautiful bun named Poppy🥰
My husband has the patience of a saint and has given up pretending he doesn’t love our full house, we wouldn’t have it any other way❤️

April Reece

Board Member; Taber Intake Manager

April lives in Taber and has been passionate about rabbits her entire life. Her love for our long-eared friends started when she was just 6 years old, when she got her first pet bunny, Thumper. April has passed that love for rabbits on to her own daughter, who was the one to introduce the foster program to April.
April spends her days as a healthcare aide, and her nights caring for personal and rescue rabbits!


💗 Archie's Angels has many, many volunteers and supporters, for whom we are incredibly grateful! 💗

This rescue is based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
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