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Boarding Information


Going on vacation?

Have an unforeseen emergency?

AARR may be able to temporarily board your rabbit!

What does this mean for you?

You will have the piece of mind that you are leaving your rabbit with experienced rabbit caregivers.

*If you leave your rabbit under someone else's care, be sure they are rabbit-savvy!*

How it works...

  • You must fill out the boarding application below to be considered for boarding. We appreciate as much notice as possible; however, we cannot guarantee space until closer to boarding date. Applying early will keep you at the top of our list.

  • You ​will be notified of boarding location close to the time of boarding.

  • We use a pen for your bunny/bunnies when we can.

  • We advise you to bring your rabbit's own food pellets, if used, so that their diet is not disrupted. If you use Hi-Pro Rabbit Feed, or do not bring food pellets, we can provide food pellets. We will also provide their unlimited hay.

  • You will need to bring your rabbit's own litter box, but we use our own litter supplies for litter changes.

  • You may bring 1-2 personal items such as a blanket or chew toy. More items than this can cause too much clutter. AARR cannot guarantee that items accompanying rabbits will return home in the same condition they came in.

  • We can send picture or video updates upon request, at the discretion of the boarding caretaker. We cannot accommodate daily or overly-frequent requests.


  • If your rabbit was adopted from AARR, the boarding fee is by donation. 

  • If your rabbit was not adopted from AARR, we charge $15 per bunny/bonded pair per day. 100% of this money goes to the rescue.

  • The full projected amount must be paid prior to rabbit drop-off.​ If your buns are picked up earlier than anticipated, you will be refunded.

Please note:

Due to being perpetually


we cannot guarantee boarding placement for your rabbit(s).

We do our best to

improvise space in order to help

our bunny community!

This rescue is based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
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