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What is Fostering?

Fostering for Archie's Angels Rabbit Rescue involves taking care of one or more rabbits in your own home on behalf of—and under the continuing care of—the rescue. This agreement is preferably at least 6 months long and allows the fostered rabbit(s) more room and attention than may otherwise not be possible. The more rabbits we have in stable foster care, the happier the bunnies and the more space Archie's Angels has for continuing rescue efforts.

  • The rabbit(s) remain up for adoption, unless you are participating in our foster-to-adopt program.

  • Rabbits that are fostered through AARR come with everything they need, including pellets and hay. (Out-of-town fosters are welcome but other arrangements may need to be made.)

  • Rabbits that are fostered through AARR are still under the vet care of the rescue.

  • Potential fosters go through the same vetting process as potential adopters.

Please read more information and/or apply, go to our webpage here.

This rescue is based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
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