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Purchase a Bunny E-Card to send to family and friends and 100% of the funds go to caring for our many rescues. Once you receive the E-Card file, you can use it a many times as you like. You can buy as many E-Cards as you like.

This is how it works.

  1. Choose the E-Cards you would like to purchase

  2. E-Transfer the total amount

  3. INCLUDE a note "E-Cards"

  4. INCLUDE your choice  numbers

  5. INCLUDE your email address so that we can email you the files.

All of our Bunny E-Cards are made from professionally photographed Archie's Angels rabbits. Tanya Plonka donated her time and skills to take lovely photos of some of our precious rescues.




Somebunny is happy to hear you're on the mend. Get Well Soon!

Music: Calm Instrumental

Bunny Photo:  Mika by Tanya Plonka



Take Extra Good Care


Take extra good care of yourself and feel better soon.

Music: Happy Piano & Instrumental

Bunny Photo: Buster by Tanya Plonka



Feel Better Soon


Feel Better Soon. Take extra good care of yourself. Hang in there!

Music: Calm Classic Guitar

Bunny Photo: Dumbledore by Tanya Plonka



Missing You at Work...


We're missing you here at work, and thought we would drop off an e-Card for you. Get well soon!

Music: Sneaky Instrumental

Bunny Photo: Pork Chop, Cinnamon & Twix by Tanya Plonka


This rescue is based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
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