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Rabbit Medical Care

Click on the image to learn:

  • the difference between regular veterinarians and exotic veterinarians

  • how to vet a veterinarian for your rabbit

  • which veterinarians Archie's Angels uses and recommends for rabbits


Click on the image to learn:

  • about one of the most common issues to occur in domestic rabbits, how it is caused, and how to prevent it

  • how to treat GI stasis

  • the difference between GI stasis and bloat


Click on the image to learn:

  • signs of aging in rabbits

  • medical issues to watch for as your rabbit ages


Click on the image to learn:

  • why it is important to prepare a rabbit first aid kit

  • what items to collect


Click on the image to learn:

  • potential health benefits from particular herbs


Click on the image to learn:

  • general petting and no-petting zones on rabbits

  • anatomy and physiology of different rabbit systems

  • how to print these posters for your veterinarian or, if you are a veterinarian, for your clinic

Simple Rabbit Anaomy Poster.png
This rescue is based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
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