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My mom was pregnant with me and my 2 siblings (Dawg & Phish) when she was surrendered by a meat breeder. I have no issues being picked up, which is rare for a bunny! I also enjoy a good head rub, as well as pets and snuggles (as long as your slow). I am not huge on treats when you're in the area but tend to gobble them up AFTER you've left the room. I love to explore and am very snoopy. I prefer hay over pellets! When you do give me pellets, best to put them directly on the floor, as I will promptly dump them out of a dish. I do not like it if you move fast around me. I may growl and charge but have never nipped or bitten. All bark and no bite! I am perfectly fine if you move slowly around me, but I would not likely do well with young children. I also hate cats!

Breed Influences


Birthdate (usually estimated)

Jan 28, 2023


AARR Taber

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This rescue is based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
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